Cross Breeding

There are few breeds of cattle so widely used around the world as Braunvieh.
The breed has been used wherever farmers have wanted to make reliable improvements to their local stock.


This is the reality of a versatile sound breed of cattle.

One useful attribute of Braunvieh is the tendency of Braunvieh sired cross bred progeny to exhibit the coat colour of the dam.

Braunvieh over Angus dam gives dark brown calves which second coat to black.

Braunvieh over Hereford can go from red with white face or grey with white face.

Braunvieh over red Brahman will appear red or darker red, and over grey Brahman can be grey to dark grey.

When crossed over Murray Grey, calves appear from silver to mid brown.

When used over red cattle they usually appear a lighter red.

However the Braunvieh X Shorthorn can appear with some ‘tiger stripe’ which is seen by some as undesirable.
 Half Brahman Braunvieh

Despite this the crossbred calves usually weigh in heavier than the straight bred calves. Significant increase in eye muscle is usually seen.

Apart from the first cross terminal bonus growth, the main benefit of Braunvieh is in the First Cross Dam with the extra milk potential, sound bone, muscle and colour compatible application.

Do check the page with the USDA breed comparisons for an in depth assessment of many commercial traits in which Braunvieh excel.